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A new museum of the artist - painter and illustrator Zdenek Burian,  was open in July 2011 in the town of Štramberk, Moravia, Czech republic

Dvůr Králové nad Labem - Zdeňek Burian Gallery     zoodk

A permanent exhibition of the legendary paleoartist Zdenek Burian was presented to the public within the precincts of the Eastern Bohemia Zoo-Safari in in the town of Dvůr Králové nad Labem, Czech republic consisting of 72 large artworks dedicated to evolution on Earth from Paleozoic to our times. The exposition is the largest exposure of Burian´s oil paintings in the Czech republic


A permanent exhibition in the ANTHROPOS pavilionmzm 

Exhibition on the most ancient history of human settlement of Moravia as well as of the whole European continent documented by Zdeněk Burian artwork


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A free association of paleoartists following their sort of guru Zdeněk Burian 34 years after his decease…  prales

Protecting the rainforest and critically endangered animal species in Sumatra, Indonesia


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Unique high quality educational dinousaur items and gifts.


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