In 2016, the Albatros Media publishing house is launching a color large size book-portfolio „The Adveturous World of Zdeněk Burian – Book I and II“. These volumes – for the first time – are documenting the very beginnings of Burian´s artistic illustration creation and his artwork for the J. R. Vilímek legendary First republic publishing house, above all for the Adveturous World magazine.

Apart from as complete sets of illustrations as possible to particular books of that era, reproduced in a unique quality, the reader will have a chance to get to know the way of Burian´s approach to illustrating the adventurous stories.

Further, there is an analogical volume under the title „Zdeněk Burian: The World of Jules Verne“ being prepared for 2017. This publication is going to contain a complete illustrations accompaniment to Jules Verne books introduced by an assay of journalist and writer Ondřej Neff.